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Solar PV installation with a personal touch! 

BBB Accredited A+ DnB 80 score and perfect 5.0 reviews with google

“I believe that solar is the absolute best investment a homeowner can make and using CE TEAM Solar is the right company.” Jim P Accountant

“30% Tax Credit – 10 Years of Income from NJ and 30 Years of Free Electricity.”

Businesses also get to depreciate the system via IRS Section 179. Non-profits please ask about our 85/15 plan. 

CE Team is now an authorized SUNPOWER Sales Partner.


You don’t get 5.0’s across the board if your on your game which we always are. We install solar and thats it. Well we also service ours and other peoples installations and also remove and reinstall if your getting a new roof.
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Solaredge electronics – middle to high end panels and top tier racking and compontents make our installs nearly flawless. We typically use all black panels for the best look. 


The last thing you need is to have your system installed and then its dark. Can’t get a hold of anyhow. We don’t do that. Solaredge alerts us if their is an issue with an inverters, an optimizer or production reduction in general. 


CE Team 5.0 represents our perfect review score on Google, BBB and Homeadvisor – Say no more!

Years of installation experience makes a difference but perfect customer support separates us from the rest. 

Non Profits = we have a tax program for you

How about paying 85% of the cost by partnering with us. 

Local solar installer.

 Installs all throughout NJ and beyond.

Familiar with all 4 of the major utilities including PSEG, JCPL, Vineland Electric and mostly Atlantic City Electric.


IRS 30%


The IRS will pay for 3 of them. This is going down to 2.6 in 2020.

30% IRS Credit


10 Years of Checks

Every Megawatt it produces you can sell for 21 cents per kwh right now. 

SRECS are for 10 Years.


From Dirty Coal to Clean PV

Be an example and change from dirty fuels to CLEAN Renewables for 30 years

Show your kids and others!


Energy Costs Change Monthly

Own it and lock in on 2019 prices for the next 30 years.

Your very own energy plant.

Client Actual testimonials

It should be noted CE Team installed 96 USA Made Panels plus a SONNEN Battery Back up for the US Military in 2019!

I am Michael of Mays Landing. I was installed in Spring of 2016 and my first SREC check was for over $1140 and Danny has been there for me ever since.:

Michael L Knollwood Dr ML

“I had an issue with one of my panels and CE Team didn’t even install it. They were there at my house in Egg Harbor in 24 hours and worked it out with Tech Support. Thanks CE Team Inc.”

Mary of Piscataway NJ

I am Steve of Cape May, they installed in 2 days on my very steep roof. They were organized and professional. I highly recommend CE Team Inc.”

Steve C of Cape May 

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